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bts spelling bee competition
bts spelling bee competition
bts spelling bee winners

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    Terms and Conditions

    • The host will call the registered participant on stage to pick a word and give it to the host.
    • Participants are encouraged to ask me to repeat the word once.
    • The participant has to keep on spelling the words correctly to stay in the game. Once you misspell a word, you are out except when only three participants are left.
    • Regardless, the most important rule of them all is to relax and have fun.
    • For the final round, only three participants will remain. Starting from this round, the participants will have to come forward to the microphone stand and spell the given word vocally.
    • Last but not least, the judge’s decision is final. While constructive feedbacks are most welcome for improvements, we certainly hope that all of us can accept the decisions as part of good sportsmanship.